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  1. Common accidents aboard a ship in the engine room

    Common accidents aboard a ship in the engine room

    A maritime worker’s life is no less than an adventure. They constantly need to stay alert to prevent any danger to the vessel. One area that is the most susceptible to fire and other damages is the ship’s engine room. Even though it is a crucial part of the vessel, it is also the one that faces extreme dangers. The multiple interconnected machines and systems in the engine room function ceaselessly to keep the vessel up and running. That being said, engine room accidents are some of the most common and dangerous mishaps that occur aboard a ship.

    Common accidents aboard a ship in the engine room
    According to the DNV, 2/3rds of the fires onboard ships start with the engine rooms due to minor mishaps. Accidents that occ

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  2. Safety Management Systems on Ships to Avoid Accidents

    Safety Management Systems on Ships to Avoid Accidents

    Working on ships constitutes a significant risk as they are subject to the whims of nature more than most modes of transport and are prone to accidents and mishaps when out in the ocean. Every commercial vessel and its crew are equipped to handle such incidents. However, there is still the need for a proper guidance system that prevents such accidents from potentially occurring. Safety Management Systems, or SMSs, play a crucial role in ensuring that all ships follow a strict procedure to minimize the occurrence of mishaps. 

    Here is a brief overview of a Safety Management System, the different types an SMS, its role in avoiding accidents, and a brief look at its sections. 

    What is a Safety Management System?

    All vessels that venture out to sea require a Safety Management System (SMS). It is an organized system planned and implemented by shipping companies t

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  3. Accidents Aboard a Ship - On Deck

    Accidents Aboard a Ship - On Deck

    Marine safety is one of the most wide-spoken subjects in the maritime industry. Safety is often considered a part of a company’s culture and is highly essential to be placed on top priority for companies. 
    Accidents that happen aboard a ship can most times be avoided with precautionary measures, the right training and equipment. It’s noteworthy how simple practices and equipment can avert these accidents from happening. 
    Here are some of the ways in which accidents may occur on the ship deck to help us understand how they can be avoided: 

    • Man Overboard ( MOB )

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