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Welcome To The SHM Store

The SHM Store, part of the SHM Group, is a one-stop solution marine partner, for all product and service needs at sea / water.

SHM has a remarkable track record of over a 100 years in the Maritime and Offshore sector and deep understanding of regulations. SHM Group has established global network and a reliance product range of over 30,000 SKUs. The SHM Store is an online marketplace where everyone having business at sea i.e. Vessel Owners, Vessel Managers, Ship Suppliers and Service Providers, Recreational Boat Operators, Water Sport enthusiasts, etc. can buy products and services from any location and have them delivered at sea or onshore.

Our hearts and minds are at sea, but our feet are firmly on the ground. We’ve developed our business to adapt to your needs, we tailor our solutions, and we go wherever you go. Use The SHM Store App to fulfill your needs so that you have peace of mind, further enabling your freedom to operate, trade, travel, and explore at sea and on shore.